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Python Prerequisites

This is the “Python Prerequisites” mini-course for students interested in taking the Computer Science or the Engineering with AI minor at TU Delft, meant to test and teach basic Python skills necessary for taking the minors.

This knowledge is required for starting the minor. Read this page carefully.

About this Mini-Course

In order to be able to successfully start the minor, you need to have some basic programming knowledge. We have created this course to help you figure out whether you are at the correct level. We also offer you a chance to develop the necessary skills by guiding you through the learning process and giving you space to practise with the material. We expect you to have finished all the assignments before the minor starts.

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Basics: variables, arithmetic and string operations, printing, comments
  • Functions: usage, definition, variable scope, docstrings
  • Conditionals: boolean expressions, logical operators, if-else
  • Iteration: for, range, while, reassignment, variable updating


The platform that we use in this course is WebLab, an online programming environment developed here at the TU Delft. You have to have an account on WebLab to be able to do the assignments. Go to the Sign in page to register or sign in:

  • If you have a NetID at the TU Delft, you can sign in using Single Sign On for TU Delft.
  • If you do not have a NetID at the TU Delft, create a WebLab account using the form under Register (for Non-TU Delft Students). After having done that, you can then sign in under Sign in - non-TU Delft accounts.

After signing in, you should enrol in the Python Prerequisites course (TI3105TU, “prereqs” edition). (For this mini-course, you may select “I’m not taking this course for a grade”.)

If you get the message “That page does not exist, or you do not have the right permission to access it”, you have probably either not logged in or have not enrolled in the WebLab course.

WebLab allows you to write Python code in an online editor and run tests to check whether your solution is correct. There are two types of feedback you can get on your solution. Pressing the Your Test button runs a smaller test suite with detailed feedback if something fails. Pressing the Spec Test button will check your solution against a larger (and secret) test suite and will only give you the score as output.

The Book

In case you want to study the material, the book we will be referencing in this mini-course (as well as in the Introduction to Python Programming course) is Think Python. You can download it for free.

For every module, we provide a main page with a list of topics you should be comfortable with. If you feel like this is the case, you can use the Proceed to the test link. If you feel like you can complete the assignments without too many struggles, you have sufficient knowledge of those topics.

If you do not feel like you are comfortable with the topics or you cannot complete the test, use the Learn the material link. This will bring you to a page with materials you should study before attempting to take the test (again).

Start the course by using the link below.

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